ALL 2019 Ibanez models are currently ON SALE!!!

A-major Music has been a Ibanez dealer for 30 years.  Demanded by such guitarists Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Pat Metheny, Tosin Abasi, George Benson and many others, Ibanez's quality is second to none.  All of these artists' stage guitars are identical to the signature models available from our store.

We stock a wide selection of Ibanez guitars from starter packages for the acoustic, electric, and bass player which include everything you need to begin playing all the way to their top of the line models for the discriminating expert.  Every guitar and bass in our store is set-up in-house and ready to play.

 Ibanez offers a wide range of guitars:  from 7 and 8-string electrics to acoustic/electrics to semi-hollow and full-hollow bodied Artcore electrics to 5 and 6-string basses. Any Ibanez creation, we can get for you.

Ibanez online or check 'em out in person at our shop.

We also stock Ibanez Mandolins, Ukuleles and Banjos!

Amps & Effects Pedals

Ibanez amplifiers including their highly rated Tube Screamer series. The Ibanez Tube Screamer has long been the name people think of first with overdrive pedals, and TSA tube amps come with the legendary Tube Screamer circuit built-in. Each cabinet is designed to match the TSA amp featuring the popular CELESTION® speakers. The TSA amps can create natural clean sounds, fat crunch tones, and even warm smooth overdrive tones with the modified TS9 circuit built right into the amp. You can enjoy the warm and familiar over drive sound of the Tube Screamer any time you want.

We also carry the Ibanez Soundwave series of bass amps and the Troubadour acoustic amps. Stop in and try one out today!

Guitar & Bass Effect Pedals

 Check out the VOX StompLab 1G

The Vox StompLab multi-effects pedal is less than $100, and offers a wide range of effects, distortion and amp modulation -- all of which is programmable. And perhaps best of all, while you can play it through your own amp, you can play directly through the pedal into a pair of headphones, bypassing using an amp altogether!


  We stock are the world-renowned pedals made by MXR. These include the classic Cry-Baby Wah, Fullbore Metal, and the Micro Chorus or Flange. MXR also has a signature series line of pedals like Eddie Van Halen's EVH Phase 90, Zakk Wylde's Overdrive and Dimebag Darrell's Dime Distortion, all of which are regularly in stock.

 Also available are the Ibanez line of effects pedals including the world-famous TS9 Tubescreamer , the Echo Shifter, and their new line of mini pedals, including the mini Tubescreamer. Beyond that, we offer Electro-Harmonix pedals, the most popular of which is the 720 Stereo Looper pedal.

 For those players working with a tighter budget, we offer the Danelectro line of Fab pedals. Offering all the effects most players are looking for, including distortion, echo, chorus, and more, these pedals sound as good as they look. And you could fill an entire pedal board for under $100!